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Who's Samuel Tambe, anyway? Samuel is a local musician who prides himself in performing music to bring happiness and a sense of connection to his listeners. He's been part of the Western New York music scene for many years. During that time, he's worked on both solo and group music projects with many different musicians. Samuel loves to bring new life to classic hits; and writes and produces original music as well. He's known for his warm and clean guitar sound, great voice, and access to some of the area's best musicians. 

And the Samuel Tambe Band? It's a hand-picked collection of musicians gathered by Samuel and ready to bring the music love!

Instruments we play: Guitar, bass, keys, drums, mandolin, sax, miscellaneous percussion and voice (we love melody and harmony)!

Musicians we cover: James Taylor, Norah Jones, Otis Redding, The Beatles, Jim Croce, John Mayer, Bill Withers, Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, and many more.

How many people are in the band? We have six "regular" members:

Samuel Tambe: Guitar, Vocals
Jessica Sam: Vocals
Michael Mainier: Keys
Barry Arbogast: Saxophone
Colin O'Donnell: Bass, Mandolin
Andrew Daniels: Drums

But we're shape shifters! We perform in small, intimate settings in solo, duo, or trio form; and we can add members to our regular size to maximize the sound and celebration factor.

Where might you have seen us recently? The Roycroft, 42 North Brewing Company, Patina 250, Bica e Vinho, Mambrino King, Urban Design, East Aurora Music Fest, Freedom Fest, Music In The Woods.

What type of events do we perform? Public music events at restaurants and breweries, music festivals, private parties, weddings, and fund raisers.

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